Kashif Iftikhar


Software engineer with over 20+ years of experience developing wide range of IT products ranging from traditional client server desktop solutions, to dynamic websites, REST APIs, mobile apps, backend solutions, highly scalable distributed solutions, security and penetration testing tools.

Software Engineer, Web Developer & Security Researcher.

I develop sophisticated and well-designed applications.

  • Website: kashif.compulife.com.pk
  • Phone: +92 345 5080255
  • City: City : Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Degree: Master
  • Email: kashif@compulife.com.pk
  • Skype: kashif_iftikhar

I mostly develop solutions for Linux platform using primarily Python as the backend programming language. While I am proficient with many other technoglogies Linux & Python are my main tools that I like to work with. I like to develop IT security or IoT related software and services but you'll always find me interested in doing things that are out-of-the-box.

Education & Experience


Master of Computer Science (MCS)

2002 - 2004

Institute of Information Technology and Management (Muhi-ud-din Islamic University), Rawalpindi.

Bachelors in Electronic Engineering Specializing in Computer Science (BCS)

1998 - 2000

ICCMS (Newport University), Rawalpindi.

Professional Experience

Lead System Architect

2016 - Present

Threatify, Ltd.

Incharge of managing a team of developers and developing a highly scalable and comprehensive information security and prevention platform.

Backend Engineer

2013 - 2015

KLab America

Worked with KLab America as a backend engineer for mobile games for 18 months. Technologies included: Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Heroku, Git.

Project Manager MIS

2012 - 2013


Worked as Project Manager MIS at Free and Fair Election Network before general elections 2013. Incharge of developing a comprehensive election monitoring system. Managed a team of 8 developers and network personnel.

Project Lead

2008 - 2012


Managed a team of 5-6 developers on different projects and also developed projects with them.

System Architect

2003 - 2008

Pakistan Army Induction System

Developed and maintained online-registration and computerzied induction system for Pakistan Army for Officers Exams (PMA, Graduate Courses). NADRA previously conducted these tests for Pakistan Army. Linux Apache MySQL PHP Python.


2002 - 2016 (Interim work between jobs)


Developed 100+ big and small projects as freelancer.


Skills are listed in order of most proficient and most recently used.

Operating Systems

Linux 95%
Debian 80%
Slackware 90%
Redhat/Fedora 75%
Gentoo 70%
Kali 85%
IPCop/IPFire (Linux Firewall Distros) 70%
FreeBSD 70%
Microsoft Windows 65%
Windows 10 50%
Windows 8 40%
Windows 7 70%

Data Stores & Databases

PostgreSQL (Relational) 70%
MySQL/MariaDB (Relational) 70%
SQLite 3 (Relational) 80%
Oracle (Relational)50%
SQL Server (Relational)60%
MS Access (Relational)80%
ArangoDB (Multi-model NoSQL - Graph - Document Store) 80%
MongoDB (Document Store)60%
Neo4j (Graph)50%
ELK Stack (Elasticserch, Logstash & Kibana)75%

Information Security

Network Security Assessment 70%
Penetration Testing 70%
Risk Mitigation Strategies 80%

Proramming Languages

Python (Preferred) 95%
C/C++ 80%
Java (Not Preferred) 65%
Ruby 55%
Linux Shell Scripting 75%

ORMs For Data Access

SQLAlchemy (Python) 95%
Arango ORM (Python) (Self Developed) 100%
MongoEngine (Python) 80%

Cross Platform UI Toolkits & Mobile Apps

Kivy (Python) 85%
PySide/PyQt (Python) 75%

Client End Web Development

HTML 90%
CSS 85%
Less (CSS Preprocessor)60%
Bootstrap (CSS Framework)90%
Javascript 85%
Dojo (JS UI Widgets Framework)80%
VueJS (JS Framework) 75%
Angular (JS Framework) 60%

Server End Web Development

Flask (Python Web Framework) 95%
Pyramid (Python Web Framwork) 75%
PyCK (Python web framwork scaffold - self developed) 100%
Bottle (Python Web Framework) 85%
Django (Python Web Framework) 65%
Symfony (PHP Web Framwork) 70%
CodeIgniter (PHP Web Framwork) 60%
Yii (PHP Web Framwork) 65%


Home Assistant 90%
ESPHome 80%
Tasmota 50%
MicroPython 95%
ESP8266/ESP32 75%


Arduino Based Development 80%
Microcontroller Programming 70%
Hardware Interfacing using Arduino, RPi, etc 90%
Wireless Cummunication 60%
Home Automation 75%
Circuit Design 75%

Documentation & Data Modeling

UML 60%
RestructuredText (reST)90%
Sphinx Documentation Generator90%

Version Control

GIT 90%
Subversion (SVN) 70%

Web CMS and Related

Odoo (Python Web Based ERP) 60%
Wordpress (PHP CMS) 50%

Task Orchestrators / Workflow Runners

StackStorm 80%
Node-Red 75%
Airflow 70%

Distributed Execution

Celery 80%
RabbitMQ 70%
Kafka 70%

Templating Languages

Mako (Python) 95%
Jinja2 (Python) 85%
Smarty (PHP) 70%
Cheetah (PHP) 60%
Mustache (JS) 60%

GIS Related

QGis 50%
PostGis (Postgresql GIS Extension) 70%
GeoAlchemy (SQLAlchemy GIS Extension) 70%

Cloud Related

Docker 70%
Docker Swarm (Orchestrator) 80%
Kubernetes (Orchestrator) 60%
Amazon EC2 60%
Google AppEngine 70%
Heroku 70%
DotCloud 65%


Mixpanel 60%
Mobile App Tracking (MAT) 60%
Grow Mobile 50%
Ad-X 50%

Old deprecated stuff that I knew but is no longer used

Windows Vista 60%
Windows 2000 60%
Windows XP 70%
Windows 9.x 70%
MS-DOS 95%
FoxPro 85%
DBase III 85%